Why the Need for The BEAR?

Given that one of the largest (if not largest) demographic of artists and performers in the Entertainment and Performance Industry are 20-something females; the mere notion that they can become easy prey to unregulated individuals when they are most vulnerable whilst searching for representation is shocking.  It makes one wonder what we as an Industry ever learned from the #MeToo movement and the abhorrent behaviour (and subsequent cover-up) of people like Weinstein et al.  

We believe that we have not done nearly enough to protect others.

We believe we are potentially risking lives by standing back and doing nothing.


We believe the time for change is now and it is long overdue.  


The BEAR is a public register of UK Talent Agents and Agencies that are currently reported to be continuously acting ethically in the best interests of their clients.  The BEAR will always be free to access and will be available to everyone.

We are NOT in the business of naming and shaming bad behaviour, moreover, we want to those bad Agents to step-up or step out of the business.  


We want to create safer environments for all, including Agents and Agencies. 

Although we can never keep everyone 100% safe, we believe that with your help as:


  • An artist/performer (by completing short confidential surveys and reporting unethical behaviour) 

  • And as Agents or Agencies (by joining The BEAR)

We can all make a difference.



© 2020: The BEAR

(The British Ethical Agents' Register)