Application for Membership to The BEAR

(membership is free)

Thank you for considering membership of The BEAR.  In doing so you are demonstrating a willingness to help rid our sector of the Industry of undesirable people and organisations.

There are currently two stages of Membership:

  • Provisional (working towards)

  • Full


Full Membership is based on applicants agreeing to the stipulated Terms & Conditions* and by meeting the following 5-key criteria:

  1. All Members agree to overtly publish, display, abide by and to be taken into account for their Company Values on a dedicated and easily accessible website page.

  2. All Members will agree to allow their clients to be surveyed by Moderators of The BEAR to provide evidence that they believe their Agent/s are continuously behaving ethically.

  3. All Members will agree to display The BEAR logo on their website indicating membership.

  4. All Members will agree not to include or enforce any time period in relation to a client's notice of termination of representation. 

  5. All Members agree to never charge or request payment from potential or signed clients in order to affect or continue representation. The exception may only apply to registered Cooperative Agencies and each case will be taken on its own merit.

If you or your Agency are listed as current members of the PMA, we are pleased to inform you that you pre-qualify for 'de facto' Provisional Membership status.  You will however, be required to meet the 5-key criteria within four weeks of submitting an application for Full Membership.    


If you or your Agency are not members of the PMA, you will need to complete the application but should only do so when the 5-key criteria have been met.


An Application form for Membership to The BEAR can be accessed via this link.


*Terms & Conditions are listed on the Application form.



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(The British Ethical Agents' Register)