Behind The BEAR

"Without exception, amongst every group of actors I've ever worked with, there has always been someone (or sometimes many people) who can tell stories of their experiences with bad Agents or Agencies.     

Despite all the bad things that have been exposed in Hollywood and elsewhere, there can be no denying that bad behaviour still exists. And it is sadly no different here in the UK as it is elsewhere.  

We are in an Industry full of precious dreams.  Dreams that many performers will have held dearly since they were very little.  Dreams that are put in the hand's of Agents to help make come true.  To abuse that position, that position of trust, is not just unprofessional, it is abhorrent.


To allow it to continue is to support it.  


To be aware of it and not take action is tantamount to collusion.  


To be an Agent is a privilege.  


Those that don't recognise nor care for that fact must either step-up and take better care of their clients or step-out of the Industry all together.  


I've always believed that collectively, we can all make a difference."



KC Flanagan





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