Frequently asked questions...

What powers does The BEAR have to ban bad Agents or Agencies from operating?

We do not hold any regulatory power over any organisation. For example, we have no power of prosecution nor can we act as legal representatives for actors or performers who wish to take a complaint further. Unfortunately, we can not yet prevent bad Agents from operating. Our existence is solely to provide an updated Register of Ethical Agents.


My current Agent is not listed on the Register.  Should I leave them to join an Agency that is?   

There are many Agents and Agencies operating ethically that may not have joined The BEAR. We would advise you to talk with your Agent and ask them why they are not on the Register.  

What does an Agent need to do to appear and remain on the Register?

Prospective members should visit our 'Apply' page and complete the application process.  In essence, admission to


There are currently two stages of Membership:

  • Provisional (working towards)

  • Full


Full Membership is based on applicants agreeing to the stipulated Terms & Conditions and by meeting the following 5-key criteria:

  1. All Members agree to overtly publish, display, abide by and to be taken into account for their Company Values on a dedicated and easily accessible website page.

  2. All Members will agree to allow their clients to be surveyed by Moderators of The BEAR to provide evidence that they believe their Agent/s are continuously behaving ethically.

  3. All Members will agree to display The BEAR logo on their website indicating membership.

  4. All Members will agree not to include or enforce any time period in relation to a client's notice of termination of representation. 

  5. All Members agree to never charge or request payment from potential or signed clients in order to affect or continue representation. The exception may only apply to registered Cooperative Agencies and each case will be taken on its own merit.

Current members of the PMA pre-qualify for 'de facto' Provisional Membership status.  They will however, be required to meet the 5-key criteria within four weeks of submitting an application for Full Membership.


Why would an Agent be denied membership or be removed from the Register?

Prospective members failing to meet the 5-key criteria will automatically be denied entry.  Existing members may be removed if they fail to comply with the 5-key criteria or if a complaint of unethical behaviour is founded and is considered serious enough to warrant removal. Each case will be taken on its own merits with both parties invited to state their case respectively.


What examples of bad behaviour might prevent an Agent's admission or result in removal from The BEAR?

All complaints will be considered on a case by case basis. All members of The BEAR are required to publish their own set of Values to which they must abide by and be held accountable for.  Complaints of 'lack of casting opportunities or auditions' are not deemed as justification to bar entry or to cause removal.  Incidences of dishonesty, disrespect, negligence, harassment, manipulation, fraudulent and abusive behaviour will however, be investigated.  

I'm an Agent, is there an Appeals process that can be followed if my application is denied or if I were removed from the Register?

Agents who are denied membership of The BEAR will be informed why and will also be advised what measures they can take to be reconsidered in the future. If an Agent was removed from the Register, they may appeal the decision that resulted in their removal.  

I'm not an Agent, can I apply for membership?

Membership is solely for Agents and Agencies operating ethically within the United Kingdom. 

How much does it cost for membership and how long does it last for?

We are a not-for-profit entity and as such, membership is free throughout the remainder of 2020. We are not in this to profiteer.  


A fee may be levied for new members in 2021 but this will only be to cover basic administrative costs.


The life of membership is on-going unless there is a breach of one or more of the 5-key criteria or a serious complaint is founded. Agents or Agencies who, for their own reasons, no longer wish to be members of The BEAR will be removed free of charge. 














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